Private Workshops

What a perfect way to celebrate a Birthday, Bachelorette, Team Building or much needed Girls Night Out! Follow the steps bellow to get a super creative party scheduled!

If you would love to get your group together but not don't think you can meet the minimum, no problem! We happily can reserve a table (seats about 6-8 ladies) at one of our open event dates on the calendar.  Just look at upcoming dates and as your group signs up please note what group you're joining. 

Step 1: Let's Set it up!

All we ask is a minimum of 10 guests for a private event at the studio. We can also bring the studio to you, but ask for a minimum of 15 in the local area.  For outside the local area, it’s a minimum of 30 guests.
If the day of the event you don't hit the 10-person minimum, we do ask for a $15 seat fee for each open spot to reach the 10-person minimum, payable the night of the event.
Projects for our private parties are $50 for a single sided board and $65 for a double sided front porch board.
Host of the private events will get their board free if minimums are met!
Check out our calendar for open dates and email us a few dates that would work for your group. We usually set dates up at least a month in advance but most dates are flexible.  
Click here  for event calendar

Step 2: Let's invite our friends!

Once we confirm a date, we will create a super special link which will have all the party details, party design options and signup. The host will send the link out to all the guest and get confirmations when each guest signs up, voila!
Everyone will need to sign up at least 3 days prior to the class to attend.

Step 3:  Party Time!

The day of the party, please arrive up no earlier than 15 minutes prior to class start time with your crew and get ready to have a fabulous time! We will supply all the gear, have everything customized and prepped for you. Feel free to bring in snacks and BYOB for private events.  
Would love to get a private party scheduled!
You can email us at to set up a private event or get more details.