How long does a class take and when should I arrive?
Our class projects are always changing and so does the time to complete time. It just depends on how much fun we are having 😊. We ask for you to plan on being at the studio for a minimum of 3 hours.
When arriving please no earlier than 15 minutes prior, we run on Ashley time around here! Which means we are working hard to make the studio ready and get pretty for you.

What do I need to bring?
Your cute darling self! But of course, our studio is BYOB friendly so if you want to bring some nicely chilled drinks we have never turned that down either. (It helps with your creative side)
All supplies are provided and with our instructor led classes guiding you through your entire creative process from raw materials to the finished product you will love your personalized creation you create.

HAHA I’m not crafty AT ALL!!
We promise BYOB helps everything and a PhD in crafts are not required to attend in classes. No matter how lacking in the craft department you are we are sure you will be feeling like Picasso when you leave with a personalized creation you can gift or hang in your home.

What happens if I need to cancel?
Life happened and the whole family is sick, the dog stubbed his toe, the cat closed her tail in the door and you feel like purchasing a private island…. Oh do we ever understand you, when you get that private island you have to invite us! Each piece is created to order specifically to each class, refunds will only be issued if cancelled a week in advance. If a cancelation needs to happen less than a week ahead of class email hello@creativeexpressionskc.com and we will get a class credit issued for a future class.

Can I get a custom design?
Have a special design you’d like for a class or a personal board please email hello@creativeexpressionskc.com to get more details as to prices and details.

Do you let me take over the studio for a private party?
OF COURSE!! If you can get 10 people to attend your class, you project is free. Get more details about private events under the tab labeled private events.

Is there parking?
We do have a parking lot.